Bespoke kennels of distinction.​​To be admired by you and loved by your pets.

Creating that stunning kennel for your Families best friend

Choose from a range of styles & let us help you design and create the perfect gift for your Pet that they deserve. You can choose from a range of colours, sizes, roof types and finishes to match your own home to add that special touch. 
Leave the rest to us.


Meet The Team
  1. Gavin Warnfeldt Rush
    Gavin Warnfeldt Rush
    Gavin is married to Mimmi and this is a recipe for a great team. Gavin does many of the designs and is actively responsible for the prototypes and bespoke homes that are manufactured using his previous engineering and building experience. Having worked as an operations Director for a Nationwide company for 23 years his creativity got the better of him and after being introduced to the absolute joy of having a dog decided it was time to utilize his creativity and past skills to provide the capacity for others to spoil their pets in the same way. Please contact Gavin to discuss any ideas or requirements.
  2. Mimmi
    Mimmi Warnfeldt Rush
    Mimmi is married to Gavin. She adds a creative and organised dimension to the company. With a flare for detail an eye for trends , interior design and attention to detail. Mimmi has worked in luxury goods for most of her life for many top brands including Ralph Lauren and understands the importance of customer service and care. Mimmi will be available to discuss all customer requirements and also advise on ideas and products. Based at our Sussex office more than Gavin and is involved in the office based work. Please feel free to contact Mimmi if you have any questions.
  3. Milo
    Meet Milo. He is a Skye Terrier and an absolute joy. Mind you, don't let his cute demeanor fool you ! Milo is our Quality controller and has a very high standard. He has approved his own personal property and that is good enough for us.
  1. Indoor kennel's
    Maybe the thought of a kennel outside is not appealing to you. You may not have an outside or your Dog may not like to go out side that often. We can manufacture the perfect indoor Kennel. It can be designed to match your indoor decor and style. Truly a bespoke and unique kennel for their comfort and your joy.
  2. Additional Specifications
    Many of our out door Kennel ranges have the capacity for wall insulation and also underfloor heating. This additional luxury is not available on all ranges so please ask. Insulation is between £50 -£80 depending on size. Underfloor heating is between £200-£300 depending on size.
  3. Price range / budget
    here at Quarters of Sussex we understand that personal budgets are a driving factor in each Kennel. We are passionate about being available for as many customers as possible. Please feel free to discuss any budgets and we can do our best to work around a cost effective yet still stunning quality home for you.

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